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Conchiglia, an enterprise with ISO 9001:2008 certification, has been providing components for Public Lighting systems, Low Voltage distribution, Gas/Water networks and Active Road Sign systems since 1949.

Thus, a long history of entrepreneurial development directed towards improving the quality of life for persons by guaranteeing safety thanks to reliable products. This is why all the parts that make up a Conchiglia product stand out for their strict compliance with the safety standards envisaged by the Italian and European laws.

A past, a present and a future project that testifies to the company's dedication to the endeavour to achieve excellence, dialog with its partners plus its ability to research, anticipate and propose solutions for users and customers alike.

Research and development
Research and development: R&D plays a fundamental role in Conchiglia’s way of doing business and is true to a corporate philosophy based on total quality, on the desire to interact with its partners...

Optimal integration of the manufacturing cycle, which takes place in the company’s factories, is one of Conchiglia’s peculiar characteristics. The company possesses all the most modern technologies for working metals...

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