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A new range of cabinets where “multifunctionality” is the pervading concept. The individual components have been designed to integrate with each other and create a vast, functional and competitive range comprising over 500 versions.
The interiors can be customized with equipment able to comply with countless installation requirements.

This is the important result achieved by Conchiglia, long-standing leading manufacturer of “utility cabinets”, a sector that now includes 5 new highly technological lines for numerous uses besides guaranteeing the traditional quality and reliability offered by Conchiglia.
Thanks to design engineering aimed at compliance with all the international regulations that govern the sector, Grafi cabinets confirm the high level of safety and reliability that has always been a feature of Conchiglia products.
Protection classes IP55 and IP 44 according to IEC EN 60529. IK10 in compliance with IEC EN 62262.The range conforms to: IEC EN 62208 standards.
Corresponding to: Standard DIN 43629.


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